Taotaole Blackout Cloth, 16:9, Info

Taotaole Blackout Cloth, 16:9, 100 Inches DIY Portable Projector Screen, Finished Edges with Grommets, White
Taotaole Blackout Cloth, 16:9, Photo

Taotaole Blackout Cloth, 16:9, Features

  • Blackout Cloth with Reinforced Heavy Duty Border w/Grommets Installed
  • Front-Projection, Matte White, Gain: 1.0, Best Indoors
  • 70% Polyester/30% Cotton with Rubber Coating
  • 4.06x7.27 Ft, Viewable Dimensions: 100 in Diag, 22 Grommets
  • Ships Folded
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Taotaole Blackout Cloth, 16:9, Description

Blackout cloth provides a fantastic value for size & image quality vs. price and this product has reinforced edges with grommets installed. Unlike our other PVC based screens, our blackout cloth screens contain an extra layer of webbing inside the finished edge to give them a heavy duty border. Blackout Cloth is our top-selling projector screen material making it a budget-friendly, do-it-yourself screen building favorite! This front projection surface is the standard to which all other screen surfaces are compared. The matte white surface and gain of 1.0 diffuse light in all directions, so the image can be seen from any angle. Blackout cloth is a 70% Polyester/ 30% Cotton blend fabric that is coated with multiple layers of thin rubber. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings (indoor/outdoor) with accurate color and clarity when ambient light is controlled. This material is extremely sturdy and is best for a fixed frame where it will be stretched evenly to a frame in all four directions. It also works for a tensioned hanging mount.

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