Carl's Black Felt Tape Details

Carl's Black Felt Tape for DIY Projector Screen (Contrast-Boosting Border) (2-inch x 60-Foot | FBA)
Carl's Black Felt Tape Photo

Carl's Black Felt Tape Features

  • 1 Roll of Black Felt Tape is 60-Feet Long (Available in 2", 3" or 4" widths.)
  • Adhesive, peel-off backing
  • Non-reflective and light absorbing
  • Contrast boosting border
  • Gives your DIY screen a professional look
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Carl's Black Felt Tape Description

Our black felt tape makes it easy to add an attractive, contrast-boosting border to your fixed frame projector screen.It is available in widths of 2, 3, or 4 inches. Each roll is 60 feet long, has an adhesive backing and includes a peel-off backing for easy application to your screen.Tip: Do not pull on the tape during application; the tension will put undue stress on the adhesive backing.

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